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Of course you want to have your wedding day captured in a beautiful way. I work together with various photo and videographers who know the island well. They make wedding reports that show what your day really was like. So you can see how you love each other, the guests enjoy and what the atmosphere is like that day. They make unobtrusive images that are authentic, so that you can relive your wedding day as pure as possible. The photos and videos are sincere, with all the emotions that pass by that day. They know the most beautiful places on Texel and also the Tesselse weather. On the clouds they see what the wind is going to do and whether there might be some rain splashes coming.

During the introduction, the photo and videographers are curious about your wishes. Together you make a mood board and planning for the wedding day. The video and / or photo reportage starts with putting on the dress and the suit, while you are busy. Then you go on a report together. Of course they shoot images of the toast, cake and the party. The last photos are taken of you at the setting sun - a special moment.

Photo & Videographer

Wedding day

Photography with emotion, color and purity as the world is and the people are. While shooting I will look for your story. A hug or a kiss, a smile or a tear. Together we create tangible memories of these loving moments that will last forever. After I successfully completed the 4-year professional course at the Photo Academy in Amsterdam in 2015, I work as an independent photographer on Texel, but of course also beyond. Liselotte in short: enthusiastic, involved, perfectionist and spontaneous.

Liselotte Schoo

"Hi, I'm Marta and I do not sell photos I sell a story which is created from small but valuable moments. I do not photograph your wedding, I paint it with light and shadow, your smile and my passion. I am not a photographer. I‘m a cinematographer and you‘re my star.
Capture the right moment is my passion and duty to the bridal couple and their future family, so that moments like these can live on in stories from generation to generation."


As a professional video and photographer, Esmée records precious memories. Her photos show you the way you are and are light, fresh and clean. With the photos and videos from Esmée you can still enjoy years of that special day. Clients describe her as energetic, cheerful and sober.

Esmée van Loon