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How special is it when a band plays your favorite song while you walk into the room for the ceremony? Or an atmospheric and pleasant background music when signing the wedding papers? Your favorite music during drinks or an intimate party? Everything is possible.


Wedding day 

Roxi Jasper is a musician that you would like to invite to your wedding. She is musical, driven, spontaneous and cheerful. Roxi plays the piano, guitar, ukulele, trumpet and also sings. She has her own music school on the island, where she often performs. Roxi also regularly performs on the 'other side' - on the mainland.

Roxi Jasper

Marco van Sambeek is a true Tesselaar - everyone knows him and he knows everyone. With Marco at your wedding you know for sure that it will be a party. Marco makes an effort to provide the music that suits you. The parties where Marco is playing are still being talked about for a long time.

Marco van Sambeek

Jantien Volgers and Dorus Oomen, a singer and guitarist and together they are MOOV. Guaranteed, professional and every now and then a spontaneous performance. "That many years of collaboration can be heard in the game and in this way we hope to convey that. For us it is very special to be part of one of the most special days in the life of a couple! How special is it? to see the bride rise to the music and the text herewith can strengthen this moment so beautifully. We are also happy to provide the atmosphere after the ceremony at the rings and dinner. "


Do you need a sound system for the ceremony? Then contact me.

Sound system