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Who will organize the ceremony on your wedding day? A difficult choice - how do you choose the right wedding official? My advice: follow your feelings!

The Municipality of Texel has ten wedding officials who can arrange the ceremony on the island. You can also opt for a wedding official who mainly lives on the island, but does not work for the Municipality of Texel. In that case a messenger from the Municipality of Texel will come to sign the official documents.

Do you not live in the Netherlands, but do you want a ceremony on Texel? Then you can marry your own wedding official but without a messenger. This means that you are not married officially before the law, but ceremonially. I draw up a deed for you that is not legally valid. This way you can experience the experience of drawing.


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Mariëtte Boot

Ceremonie speaker

Harriët Bödicker

Ceremonie speaker 

Gemeente Texel

Ceremonie speaker