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If you get married on Texel you can choose to organize everything yourself or to call in my help. As an officially certified wedding planner, I ensure that you experience your wedding day as relaxed as possible. As a true Tesselse, I know all Tessel entrepreneurs and vice versa. These warm contacts ensure that that little something extra is often possible on your wedding day.

I let your dreams about your wedding day come true. At the same time I do what I am best at: planning, organizing and decorating. I do this from heart and soul - that is how I make the personal decoration myself. To your needs, I make every effort to ensure that the small details at the wedding run smoothly. If necessary, I will tie a tie. Or do I walk with the veil. I bring old traditions to the fore in a humorous way - so that they suit you.

To organize a wedding day that is written on your body, I would like to get to know you better. Who are you? What do you dream of? And what do you think is terrible? I translate that to your wedding day. A wedding day that is typical of you - and nobody else. That is why you can choose whether you let me organize your wedding day from A to Z or whether you only call in my help for parts of your wedding day. Would you like to know more about how I can help make your wedding day unforgettable?


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Dreams come true


Weet je nog niet zo goed wat je op je trouwdag wilt? Ik help je graag. Plan een trouwadviesgesprek*
met me in. Ik help je met de mooiste locaties, tofste leveranciers en leukste ideeën. Zo hoef jij niet meer te speuren en te zoeken en plan je gemakkelijk
jouw droombruiloft!

*Kosten trouwadviesgesprek: €85,00 excl. btw.

Do you not yet know what you want on your wedding day? I would like to help you. Schedule a wedding advice meeting * with me. I help you with the best locations, coolest suppliers and nicest ideas. So you no longer have to search and search and you can easily plan your dream wedding!

* Costs for wedding advice interview: € 85.00 

What do you dream of?

Wedding planning

Linda lives with her three children and Dennis on the island. As a true Tesselse, she nicely complements the Trouwen Texel team. With her creative inspiration she turns ideas into beautiful styling. She is also flexible and a true professional woman. Linda is available as a wedding planner on the wedding day itself.

I am working with Linda;
a fantastic Tessel wedding planner & stylist.