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i want to get married on Texel

On your wedding day you want to celebrate the love between each other with the people you love. You want your wedding to seamlessly match who you are - after all, it is one of the most intimate moments in your life. You want your wedding day to be personal and relaxed. It has to be right - down to the smallest details.

You now know what an organization it is, such a wedding. What would it be like if I took you along and guided you in organizing a wedding day that suits you completely? If we come to a program, location and atmosphere together that you think "yes, this is it!" From heart and soul I guide you to that special day and I take care of (part of) the organization. I relieve you on one of the most special days in your life, so that you and your guests can quietly reflect on the love for each other.

Wow, congratulations! You want to get married on Texel. On the island you can get married anywhere - whether with your bare feet in the sand, in the middle of the forest or in a sheep pen in the pasture. I help you find that special place that suits you completely.

Marry on Texel

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Jan & Jana, juni 2018

“Everything was perfect. We look back on one of the best days of our lives. It was raining on our wedding day but I only had one wish: get married on the beach outside. Thanks to the flexibility and 200% commitment of Sophie, our dream came true. ”


“What a fantastic day it was! Sophie was invaluable throughout the wedding. "


“Without Sophie we would never have had such a relaxed and beautiful day! The decoration also looked fantastic. ”

simon & Nati

“Best wedding planner ever! Thank you for everything Sophie. It was so much better than expected. Everything was right and went as it should. The decoration looked beautiful. Everything runs perfectly when you have Sophie as a wedding planner, stylist and master of ceremonies. ”

Marion & Jeroen

“What a wonderful wedding we had! Sophie had arranged everything to perfection. No standard scenario, but the day completely filled in according to our wishes. The decoration also looked great! ”

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Manuela & Helmuth

“Sophie's enthusiasm, energy and passion for her work are limitless. Her fingerspitzengefühl made our wedding a magical and unique experience where every detail was right. ”


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I want a dreamwedding!

Every wedding that I organize is different. Own. Matching the couples I help. No fixed scenario or standard location - but all personalized. Nothing is too crazy for me. My starting point is that your wedding is typically you. That you say: "This matches who we are." With a dose of humor and a tight organization, I ensure that you do not experience any stress on your wedding day. Above all, I give you a warm, familiar and relaxed feeling.

With everything I organize for you, I wonder: does it suit you? That is why I would like to get to know you. What is your story? Who are you? What do you dream of? I translate your personal story into a concrete, practical and feasible plan for the wedding day. I make sure everything is right on that day - down to the smallest details. Because I don't overlook anything, you can focus all your attention on celebrating love.

As a wedding planner, stylist and master of ceremonies I will take you on an adventure on your wedding day. An experience that is so close to you that it feels like coming home. Because I make your wedding personal and authentic, you can be yourself completely that day.

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The reason I am a wedding planner is that getting married is one of the most pure and beautiful events in your life. For me, getting married does not mean a perfect Pinterest picture. I believe that getting married means celebrating love because you love each other - nothing more and nothing less. You want to do that as relaxed as possible, in a way that suits you. That is what I do; I organize real and pure weddings. A wedding that is about who you and your partner really are.

The road to my own company was not necessarily a fairy tale. As a teenager I was sick and had no energy to fully live my life. That is why I consulted myself. It led me to the right path. Now I do what I love so much: guiding people towards celebrating love on their wedding day. And that on my favorite island Texel!

My name is Sophie

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