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As a wedding planner, stylist and master of ceremonies I have experienced many weddings. The reason I do this work is that getting married is one of the most pure and beautiful events in your life. For me, getting married does not mean a perfect Pinterest picture. I believe that getting married means celebrating love because you love each other - nothing more and nothing less. You want to do that as relaxed as possible, in a way that suits you. That is what I do; I organize real and pure weddings. A wedding that is about who you and your partner really are.

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Ever since I was a little girl, my heart was in weddings, wedding dresses and weddings. As a girl I often went to weddings in the evening where my mother took pictures of the bridal couple. My first question was always: “Mama, what kind of dress is she wearing? Is she beautiful? ”As a girl I was already very organized and I love planning and being creative.

Yet it was not my plan to become a wedding planner. My big dream was to go to the Olympic Games as an athlete. Life had other plans. As a girl of thirteen I got sick. I was unable to go to school because of being tired. By working with a personal trainer, my recovery started. Carefully my health improved and I quickly felt much better. This period made me think. I was determined to do what made me most happy.

By going to weddings with my mother, I was enchanted by the magical and romantic atmosphere of weddings on the island. Here I could express my love for flowers, styling and organization. This was it. I wanted to do this! I followed a wedding planner study and registered at the Chamber of Commerce when I was seventeen. In the summer of 2018 I organized thirty weddings.

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i want a dreamwedding!

During a trip to Sri Lanka and the Maldives I felt as free as a bird. Through that journey I realized: if you want, you can do everything. Full of new ideas and energy I returned to my familiar island of Texel - my peace of mind, freedom and home. I knew: there is my heart. That is my passion. I had a clear mission. And with success: in the summer of 2019 I organized sixty weddings. Now I help you organize your dream wedding on Texel. I love to show you what this beautiful island has to offer.

Now I help you organize your dream wedding

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Sports is my resting point and outlet. After working out I come home energetic, full of ideas and with a tidy head. This way I can plan the best wedding for you. So who knows, maybe you see me swimming in the sea in the summer or you come across me during a run through the dunes.

I travel every winter to relax and recharge. In this way I give myself rest and my creativity gets going again. During my travels I always look for new cultures and traditions and try to make it a great adventure!

I am a real Tesselaar. The island has stolen my heart and I don't want to leave it anymore.

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Jan & Jana, juni 2018

“Everything was perfect. We look back on one of the best days of our lives. It was raining on our wedding day but I only had one wish: get married on the beach outside. Thanks to the flexibility and 200% commitment of Sophie, our dream came true. ”


“What a fantastic day it was! Sophie was invaluable throughout the wedding. "


“Without Sophie we would never have had such a relaxed and beautiful day! The decoration also looked fantastic. ”

simon & Nati

“Best wedding planner ever! Thank you for everything Sophie. It was so much better than expected. Everything was right and went as it should. The decoration looked beautiful. Everything runs perfectly when you have Sophie as a wedding planner, stylist and master of ceremonies. ”

Marion & Jeroen

“What a wonderful wedding we had! Sophie had arranged everything to perfection. No standard scenario, but the day completely filled in according to our wishes. The decoration also looked great! ”

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Manuela & Helmuth

“Sophie's enthusiasm, energy and passion for her work are limitless. Her fingerspitzengefühl made our wedding a magical and unique experience where every detail was right. ”