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What would you prefer to do on your wedding day? Want to relax with your feet in the sand or show your guests the island? Getting married can be an experience. So much is possible on Texel.

If you choose to get married at a different location than where you cut the cake or have a drink, dinner or party, you can move from one location to another in a fun way. You can also choose another activity, such as a surf lesson or seal tour.


Wedding day

Enjoy the beautiful nature and healthy outdoor air of Tessel during a covered wagon or horse riding trip with your guests. In addition to nature tours, they provide customized trips for small and large groups. Consider a trip through the Muy, the Slufter, the forest or the dunes. If desired, the cake can be taken along the way.

Horse and carriage ride Jan Plezier

The Tesselse Oyster brings along with delicious oysters a lot of fun. Martin only works with the best oysters that the season has to offer. The Tesselse oysterman mixes with the guests while opening and distributing oysters. If desired, they are seasoned with pepper, lemon, tabasco and lime. Of course accompanied with anecdotes and facts about the oyster.

The Tesselse Oyster Man

A special activity on your wedding day is a seal trip. Together with your guests you make a boat trip of one and a half hour to the Razende Bol. While you and your guests are watching the seals up close, you enjoy a snack and a drink on board. Sometimes the seals even swim around the boat! A seal tour is special and fun; something that the guests will talk about for a long time. The tour is suitable for groups of up to twelve or twenty-four people.

Seal toure

You can go to Teambuilding Texel for a wide variety of sporting activities and group outings. Think mountain biking, surfing, blowkarting or archery. You have to be here for "the best activities on Texel"

Teambuilding Texel